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Yoorin Granulado

Innovative technology to increase results

4 Reasons to adopt this technology

  • Innovative technology of Yoorin Fertilizantes, granular magnesium thermophosphate;
  • Better use of phosphorus during the crop cycle, providing better nutritional balance and greater root system development;
  • Greater resistance to pests and diseases, and it can increase photosynthesis and water use efficiency;
  • Corrects soil acidity, improves soil fertility due to greater residual effect and favors soil biological balance;

Mode of Application

Apply to the surface, furrow, pit or associated with formulated fertilizer.

Note: the doses to be applied must be recommended by an agronomist.
For futher information contact the technical departament

Chemical Composition (%)

Product N Total P2O5 Total P2O5 Ac. Cítrico 2% (1:100) Ca Mg S B Zn Si Mn O.C.
Yoorin Granulado 1,0 20,0 19,0 12,0 4,0 5,0 0,1 0,2 6,0 0,2 2,0

O.C.:Organic Carbon

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