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Potasil Plus

Granular source of Potassium and Silicon for your plantation


Potasil Plus is an innovative line of potassium fertilizers developed by Yoorin Fertilizantes, with the objective of increasing productivity combined with ease of application, better operational performance and uniformity in the distribution of nutrients to plants.


The production technology of Potasil Plus consists of bringing together in the same granule, two sources of potassium of different solubility, resulting in a fertilizer with high agronomic efficiency, thus providing the availability of nutrients according to the needs of the crops.


Using Potasil as the main raw material, Yoorin's consecrated source of potassium and silicon, Potasil Plus has the desired characteristics for the full development of crops, such as:


  • High concentration of nutrients; 
  • Immediate and gradual release potassium;
  • All nutrients in the same granule, providing uniformity application;
  • High operational performance.

Chemical Composition (%)

Product K2O Total K2O sol. a.c. 2% (1:100) K2O Sol. H2O Si Total O.C.
Potasil Plus 20 20,0 11,0 10,0 18,0 1,5
Potasil Plus 30 30,0 24,0 23,0 13,0 2,5

O.C.: Organic Carbon

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