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PotaSil is a rock, of igneous origin, which has a high concentration of potassium, silicon and a wide amount of beneficial elements in its composition, of gradual release, meeting the needs of crops. For the full development of crops, one of the most required macronutrients is potassium, responsible for several important physiological processes for balanced development, thus contributing to high productiveness.


Poços de Caldas is a privileged region due to the high volcanic activity in the past, originating minerals with high agronomic efficiency and expressive concentrations of nutrients. Inserted in this region and holder of deposits of potassium minerals, the Curimbaba Group, through Yoorin Fertilizantes, strengthens its activities in the market of natural potassium fertilizers with the PotaSil product.


This tool can be used in agriculture as a sustainable alternative for the gradual supply of nutrients, including potassium. After years of research and product development, PotaSil presented satisfactory results in relation to the main source of potassium on the market.


  • Potassium fertilizer obtained by the milling process, without the use of chemical additives for its production; 
  • Chlorine-free product (salt content = 0.63), improving the quality of the final product; 
  • It has a gradual release of nutrients during the vegetative and productive cycle of crops; 
  • Low leaching losses;
  • The product does not harm the environment, preserving the springs and benefits the biological balance of the soil;
  • Alkaline product with residual for later cultivations;
  • Product with certification for use in organic agriculture;

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Chemical Composition (%)

Product K2O Total K2O tartaric acid 5% +  0,5% NaF (1:500) Si Total
Potasil 12,0 3,0 25,0



Ca Zn Mn Mg Co
0,06% 0,01% 0,15% 0,10% 0,0004%




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