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Potassium for sustainable agriculture

Potassium for sustainable agriculture

  • Natural Potassium Source
  • It has controlled release of nutrients durinh the vegetative and productive cicles of the plants;
  • 100% made in Brazil.


It is a natural potassic fertiliizer obtained by the natural milling process, without using chemical process for production. It is obtained from the volcanic silicate rock that exist in the Poços de Caldas – MG plateau, providing a distinguished product with a high agronomic efficiency that is rich in macro and microelements.


  • Alkaline product (pH = 10,09);
  • Low salinity;
  • Natural potassium source;
  • The fertilizer leaves residues in the soil for later crop seasons;
  • It can be applied at once and on the surface area;
  • Organic Certification;
  • Chlorine-free product, therefore it improves the crops quality;
  • The product is environmentally friendly, so does not harm the environment and it favors the biological balance of the soil;
  • It has controlled release of nutrients during the vegetative and productive cicles of plants;
  • Reduces the potassium losses via leaching, due to the silicate anion;



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Chemical Composition (%)

Product K2O Total K2O Citric Acid 2% (1:100) Si Total
Ekosil 8.0 1.0 25.0




Ca Zn Mn Mg Co
1,0% 0,01% 0,15% 0,15% 0,0004%

Mode of Application

Apply on the soil surface as a spread fertilizer.


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